I am working on ways to make my yarn more accessible to all people. I am still learning and this is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any suggestions on ways that I can continue to contribute positively toward all members of this community.

Size Inclusivity
Indie dyed yarn is expensive. It is hand dyed in small batches (which is time intensive) and uses high quality yarn that is ethically sourced. Price can especially be an obstacle to making plus sized garments as plus sized garments often require more yarn.

Please contact me if this is your situation, and I will provide you with a discount code for purchasing larger quantities of yarn.

4ply/lace weight yarn

5-6 skeins 10% discount 

7-8 skeins 15% discount

9+ skeins 20% discount 

8ply yarn

8-9 skeins 10% discount

10-11 skeins 15% discount

12+ skeins 20% discount

Socioeconomic position is another hurdle for purchasing hand dyed yarn. Those of us who are on a tight budget should not be excluded from using nice yarns to create things we love.

I have set up tipping on my purchase page. You can choose to add a tip to your purchase price at checkout. This tip does not go to me but is instead pooled and each month a randomly selected maker (nominated by you) will be given a gift card for the shop to go a little way in making indie dyed yarn more accessible to more makers. If there is only a small amount tipped in a month (e.g. less than the amount for one skein), I will carry it over to the next month. 

I have not set up Layby or Afterpay on my website. While being able to pay for products a bit at a time is great, I do not like the high interest rates and other punitive policies these services include. A person shouldn’t be put further into debt because of an automatic payment snafu or unexpected bill that means they miss a payment instalment.

If you would like to purchase some yarn but cannot afford to do it outright please contact me :) I will be happy to try and help make it possible.