What is a preorder?
A preorder is the style of shop update I am currently offering. I will post a collection of colourways at one time and any of the colourways can be ordered on any of the yarn bases available. The preorder will stay open for one week. When the shop closes I will dye the orders and ship the yarn within a time frame that will be outlined in the product listing (this is dependent on current workload and other events thats may be occurring - eg festivals).

Why are you using this method of shop update?
As a new indie dyer I am still getting a feel for what customers want from this small business. I am not sure which colours will be most popular, which bases customers prefer, and how much yarn I can expect to sell in these early days. By offering the shop update as a preorder, I will only be dyeing what is ordered – this means that I will not waste yarn and dye making incorrect predictions about what my customers will prefer (we all have different tastes after all!), and it also means that the customer will not miss out on a colour that they love but perhaps would only have limited amount of stock dyed in advance. Depending on order numbers, the preorder may be dyed and shipped faster than I have outlined above, but until I have a bit more of a feel for the numbers, I am sticking with a cautious amount of time allowed.

Will I be able to order more of a yarn colourway after a collection closes?
Yes and no. Each collection’s colourways will only be available for purchase while they are up on the website for preorder. So when you order yarn, please make sure to grab as many as you will need to complete a project. The exception to this rule is if you are purchasing a sweater quantity of yarn (which you can do at any time – please see Sweater Quantity Ordering), where you can order from any of the previously released colourways, but a minimum of 3 skeins is required to make an order.

When will your next shop update/preorder be?
My first preorder will launch on the 26 May 2022. I recommend following Little Acorn Yarn on instagram at to see what colours I am working on and when there will be updates going live.

Can I place a custom order?
I will accept custom orders at any time, but they must be for a sweater quantity of yarn. The details for this are outlined on my page for sweater quantity ordering.